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Showdown in Room 103

Julie is a 41 year old BBW. She is an attractive and professional business woman that spends most of her time on the road, living out of hotel rooms. Kristie is a 36 year old BBW single mom who works in a grocery store and desires to have adventure in her life. A posting to an online personals site will find these two mature women face to face in a motel room competing for sexual dominance in the roughest of ways. This short story is a must read for smoking fetish and catfight fans as these two women encounter an afternoon of sexual violence that will leave them wanting more.


Kristie dropped her cigarettes and lighter onto the table and reached for Julie’s beer, taking a sip and returning it. Kristie sat down in the chair and took a drag from her cigarette. Julie reached for a cigarette of her own and lit it. Kristie was no longer nervous and could not keep her eyes off of Julie’s voluptuous body. Although she had a couple of rolls around her belly, she looked solid and tough. Kristie also noticed that Julie had pierced nipples.

     “Your nipple rings; do you fight with them in, or do you take them out?”

     “I leave them in. You are free to use them at your pleasure. My nipples are tough and can take it.”

     “Now, take off your clothes. I want to size you up. See what I’m up against.”

     Kristie took a quick drag, then placed her cigarette in the ashtray and stood. She removed her top and then her bra.

     “Very nice tits. I can’t wait to get my hands on them.” Julie said, as she watched Kristie undressed.

     Kristie then removed her jeans and panties. She tossed them in the corner next to the bed linens that Julie had piled up. Kristie reached for her cigarette and then moved over, standing in front of the seated Julie.

     “Do you like what you see?” Kristie asked as she took a drag on her cigarette.

     “Very much so.” Julie responded, placing her cigarette between her lips, then proceeding to take her hands to rub Kristie’s chubby belly and boobs. Kristie leaned her head back and let out a slight moan. Julie crushed out her cigarette and stood up in front of Kristie and began to remove her robe. Kristie took a final drag and tossed her cigarette into the ashtray, moving forward and giving Julie a smoky kiss. Julie placed her hands on Kristie’s waist.

     “Are you ready for this?” Julie whispered.

     “Oh yes.”

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