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Making The Sale - Liz Edon

Making The Sale

Making the Sale by Liz Edon was an interesting unique read. I enjoyed the raw aspect of the scenes and found the way Liz incorporated smoking into the writing added to the authenticity of the characters. Rarely do I find a 'strap-on' scene in erotica and enjoyed that scene. There is an unique niche in Erotica, and Liz Edon hit on one. Look forward to reading more from her.


Fumar, Fights & Fetishes

This collection of memoirs offered a peek back in time to an era when the fetish world was in a state of transition between magazine ads and bootlegged video tapes and the digital world of have-it-all-for-free-with-just-a-click that we now live in. Edon details her journey into a subset of this fetish world: catfighting. Included among the vivid descriptions of some of her earlier fights are depictions of smoking-fetish related experiences, her first experiences with cam modeling, and one turning-point of a night at a sex club. Each chapter serves as a vignette of a memory, and there is a whole lot of sexiness going on if you are a smoking fetishist or a fan of catfighting. All in all a great, raw, sexy read!

Showdown in Room 103 - Liz Edon

Showdown in Room 103

Do women like Julie and Kristie exist? An interesting read on aggressive stress relief, woman on woman, at the Crossways Motel. I have to admit I wish I was a fly on the wall in room 103.

Making The Sale - the Karen Story- Liz Edon

Making the Sale - the Karen Story

The setting of KTQU FM 92 in the Austin farmhouse is so unreal there must be some truth mixed in with the fiction. Only in Texas! Having read other Karen stories, I found it interesting to learn how Karen got her "wild streak" and "pleasurable vices."

Making The Sale - the Doreen Story - Liz Edon

Making the Sales - the Doreen Story

I LOVED getting some insight into what makes Doreen tick! This prelude to Making the Sale was eye-opening (and a bit heart-wrenching, followed by heart-pounding). It changed my views of Doreen (based on the original book in the series), and now I'm looking forward to learning more about Karen in the next one. Smoking and fighting meet heartbreak and lusciously lewd acts collide in this great erotic short read.


Fumar, Fights & Fetishes

I enjoyed this book for its composition of various sexual fetishes. An added bonus for me was the nostalgia of the 70's time period. Liz Edon defines fetishes and subgroups in a in distinct manner. Classifying behaviors is a difficult task; she's done an amazingly good job at clustering certain preferences and behaviors together so people can understand the motivations, practices and implications of related things.

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