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Corporate Closet Fistfight

In the glass and steel skyscraper that towered over the city, two indomitable women, Clara and Miranda, were legendary for their boardroom prowess at Levinson Corp. However, beneath the sheen of professionalism lay a feud rooted in a personal vendetta. When both women found themselves walking toward the same seldom-used storage closet, there was an unspoken agreement: they would settle this score away from prying eyes. With the door closed behind them, Clara and Miranda faced each other.

In silent agreement, they removed their blazers and blouses, revealing their tank tops underneath. They wanted to keep their more expensive attire undamaged, yet the removal of layers symbolized the raw confrontation about to unfold. "Till one of us begs to stop?" Clara suggested. Miranda nodded with determination, "Only the belly and sides. No visible marks." Without another word, Clara threw the first punch, a swift jab to Miranda's left side. The impact was sharp, and Miranda winced but retaliated with a well-aimed punch to Clara’s midriff, pushing the air out of her lungs. Clara, regaining her stance, aimed a succession of rapid punches to Miranda’s belly. Each hit made a muted thud, making Miranda clench her teeth in pain. Miranda countered with a hard right hook to Clara's side, causing her to stagger back against the shelves, knocking a few old files to the ground.

Seizing her moment, Miranda lunged forward, raining a flurry of punches onto Clara’s abdomen. Clara grunted, absorbing each blow, before managing to sidestep and land a fierce punch on Miranda’s left side. The impact made Miranda double over momentarily.

The two were evenly matched, sweat forming on their faces. With every punch, they tested each other's resilience, each trying to find the other's breaking point. Their breaths grew ragged, and the atmosphere grew dense with tension. A powerful right hook from Clara made Miranda stumble backward, her back hitting the closet wall. Seizing the advantage, Clara peppered Miranda’s belly with a barrage of blows. Miranda's resolve wavered, but she refused to give in. With a surge of energy, she pushed Clara off, landing a hard punch right in the center of Clara’s stomach.

Clara gasped for air, her face contorted in pain. But as Miranda geared up for another punch, Clara ducked and sent a powerful uppercut into Miranda’s side. The unexpected angle and force of the blow made Miranda crumple to her knees, gasping. "I give," Miranda whispered, admitting defeat. Both women slowly put their blazers and blouses back on, their pain hidden beneath the fabric, their secret confined to that closet. The battle was over, but the war between them was far from settled.

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